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hello my names dg and heres a few things about me

im am pretty probably cant find to many people who can beat me.thats were i get the nickname speedy gonzales.

i’m am a mix of two different racis’. im african american and hispanic. my mother is hispanic and my father is hispanic.

im not very short im 5ft 4inch thats pretty short for most people mygrade. i’m think im short because it was pasted down from my fathers genes because he was only 5ft 3inch at his early 30s.

i am pretty muscular i can lift a pretty good amount of weight. im built pretty much short and stocky.

im smart i have an excellent IQ. i make good grades in school i have all advanced core classes. but at sometimes i have my dumb moments.

i play all sports im very athletics. athletics is my strong point in my life it what im best at. i play basketball,football,soccer,and i also ru

n track.

when it comes to most things im very competitive. i like to be the best or be better then everyone else.when someone does something i like to step in and try to do it better.

im very skinny i dont weigh to much i dont why tho because i eat like a grown man. i can eat and eat and eat and never gain any weight.right now my weight is stuck at about little over 120 pounds.

heres a funny thing about me im pigeon toed if you dont know what that means then well it means that when i walk my feet turn in. i get maid fun of a lot from this but i really dont care like when someone makes a rude comment about it i just laugh with everybody else.

im brown haha thats just the color of my skin. i like it tho it knda reminds me of chocolate.

i can be confident at times maybe to confident sometimes. i like to beleive that i can do something i dont like to be told that i cant. i beleive in myself that i can do anything as i put my mind to it.

cocky could also be a name for me im not going to lie i can think a little to much of myself at times.i don’t necessarily think to much of myself.i just like to know that i can do something better then some people.

i am self centered im like obsessed with my self. like when people get on my myspace they say i have to many pictures of my self.i also like just looking in the mirror.

my ears ummm what can i say there very large. i get maid fun of a

lot for my ears most people say there pointed. i have nicknames like the elfanator and just plain old ears.

i can be goofy at times i like to clown around and play. in other words im sometimes can be childish.i like to just be my self and have fun.

i guess you can say im cute. i get a lot of girls i dont know what it is about me i think its the ears.

my hair people are always grabbing at my head trying to look at what new design i got now. i usally get thins like names or my football number or something.everybodys always asking me who cuts your hair and i be like i dont want to tell them.

you can also tell my personality by the way i dress i love clothes. im always shopping buying shoes shirts etc. if you first saw me you could probably tell my personality by the way i dress.

i like to sing im always in class just singing away. i like most types of music. im a pre

tty well sing you could say i maid all region choir which is a state choir you have to audittion for.

last but not least im very impatient i dont like to wait for anything. like when i have a football game all day all i cant think anout is playing i just cant wait to get on the field.

i few things bout my familly im an only child from my mother. my dad dead when i was 4 years old her has four other children.i just turned 14. in my spare time i like to shop and play football.

we i guess tats enough for me for now bye


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