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Monthly Archives: November 2008

in the upcoming election i will be voting for obama why not because hes black mostly because i think he will stick to his word.

obama has said that he will give a tax break to all families making under $250,000 dollars a year.

Obama: It’s the economy

he has also said that he will invest money in banks so that the banks can loan money to families.

Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the Treasury Departments’ Plan
obama also said that to fix the foriegn trade that he will meet with the worlds worst dictator.Foreign Policy
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obama also says he will retreat from iraq no matter what the situation.Iraq
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obama was also the first colored to lead a pesidental ticket.

obama also said he will help tack domestic hunger

Barack Obama & Joe Biden’s Plan for Tackling Domestic Hunger

he also says he will help improve our healthcare by making insurance companies ensures patients choice of doctor and care.

Barack Obama’s Healthcare Full Plan

also most people said that bye watching obama on t.v. said he did  better then McCain

Campaign 2008

he has also said he will help the budget crises