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for about 35 years ronald mcdonald charitys ahve been around for about 35 years it has been making and supporting programs that directly improve programs that improve the health of 3.7 million children. it is making an impact on problems for families today.that biggest task is to help improve communities.theses charities can be found in 52 countries around the help thos charity youcan donate money,volunteer,sponsor a corporation.84 cents of every  dollar spent is used for the fund programs.

in 1974 the first ronald mcdonalds house opened thanks to audrey evans.in1985 the first ronald mcdonald house opens in 1986 the 100th ronald 1988  the ronald mc donalds raised more then 17 million in grants.

this charity has on of the best medical hospitals in the world.local clinics provides services with ronald mcdonald care mobiles in there area.there will be a world mcdonalds day held around the world in over 100 countries.throughout november mc donalds restaurants invited costumers to come and perticipate in worlds childrens day.each restaurant gave a portion of there procees to the foundation.

this is why i choose this as my fevorite charities.


airpoooooo2 i choose the probelm of air pollution because its one of the worst killers in the world today. air pollotion can do real big damage to your heart and your lung you can aslo catch sicknesses from it. air polltution has increased in size because we just keep on polluting our air over and over again. we can try and prevent pollution bye not useing our cars as much not burning so much coal and things like that . these are just a few ways we can help prevent air pollution.

in the upcoming election i will be voting for obama why not because hes black mostly because i think he will stick to his word.

obama has said that he will give a tax break to all families making under $250,000 dollars a year.

Obama: It’s the economy

he has also said that he will invest money in banks so that the banks can loan money to families.

Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the Treasury Departments’ Plan
obama also said that to fix the foriegn trade that he will meet with the worlds worst dictator.Foreign Policy
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obama also says he will retreat from iraq no matter what the situation.Iraq
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obama was also the first colored to lead a pesidental ticket.

obama also said he will help tack domestic hunger

Barack Obama & Joe Biden’s Plan for Tackling Domestic Hunger

he also says he will help improve our healthcare by making insurance companies ensures patients choice of doctor and care.

Barack Obama’s Healthcare Full Plan

also most people said that bye watching obama on t.v. said he did  better then McCain

Campaign 2008

he has also said he will help the budget crises

you should come tomarrow at memorial stadium at 5:30

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